CS2 Collections

Total Collections: 36

Active Collections: 8

In-active Collections: 22

Exclusive Collections: 4

Discontinued Collections: 2

CS:GO Collections are a group of CS:GO skins introduced by Valve. Skins from these Collections are dropped during the regular game as weekly drops (active) or are exclusive for Operation Premium Pass holder (exclusive), depended on the Collection. Whether and how you can receive a specific Collection skin depends on the classification of it. There are four different classifications: "Active", " In-active" "exclusive" and "Discontinued". Here you get an overview of all released collections and the skins that are included.

Active Collections
You can receive Skins from Active Collections as a weekly drop. Apart from one weapon case, each player will be rewarded with a skin drop from one of the following collections or a graffiti once a week. Consequently, the drop frequency is high.

In-active Collections
The In-active Collections are not available through the weekly or exclusive operation drops. The skins from these collections can only be obtained by trading or the Steam Community Market. Addiationally, the Collections are available by opening souvenir or gift packages. Thus, these Collections are considered rare.

Exclusive Collections
The Exclusive Collections are all Collections currently available for Operation Premium Pass holder. Valve releases for each new Operation around three new Collections. You can only obtain these skins if you are in possession of an activated Operation Pass. By playing operation missions, the stars you receive can be used to open the current operation-exclusive Collections or you can simply buy stars with cash. Commonly, after the Operation ends, these collections are classified as in-active.

Discontinued Collections
The Discontinued Collections are only availabe thought trading or the Steam Community Market.