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CS:GO weapon cases drop during the game. Players can open these cases to obtain skins for all different kinds of CS:GO weapons. The various available weapon cases drop in different frequencies. There are three different drop pools of cases: "Prime", " Rare" and "Discontinued".

Prime Drop Pool
Prime is the most active drop pool. In general, most recent weapon cases are in the prime drop pool. All players with the CS:GO Prime Status can receive these cases. The status can be purchased via Steam Prime Status Upgrade for CS:GO. The majority of players are in this segment. As a result, these cases drop in a very high quantity and they are typically the cheapest weapon cases on the market. This drop pool consists of a few cases as shown below.

Rare Drop Pool
This pool usually contains old or operation pass exclusive weapon cases. Since the Non-Prime Pool was removed, these drops can only be obtained by prime status holders. These cases drop in very rare instances, and thus are often more expensive than active weapon cases.

Discontinued Drop Pool
Discontinued weapon cases no longer drop to any CS:GO players. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of these cases in existence that are marketable and tradable.
The eSports cases can be found here, as these were originally introduced to raise money for majors at the beginning of CS:GO. Since then, the game community has grown enormously, so that the majors can also be financed through other means.
The weapon cases from recent operations also appear to have been discontinued, since no drops were reported after the end of these operations.

All CS:GO Weapon Cases
All weapon cases in chronological order.